The light cuts the space, lifting a veil of dim light on the ambience that is reawakened and redefined in their features. This is the enchantment that guides the hand of those that design Panaria's surfaces: the conviction that dreams begin when the eyes open.

It is a different look, a change of pace which marks and justifies the distance between the ordinary and what constitutes excellence in the production of outdoor and indoor ceramic flooring.

Panaria's philosophy is based upon the principles and values that contribute to making a unique profile:

The House of your Dreams exists and it is what Panaria wants for its clients. This is why ceramics is not only a material, rather an incarnation of a concept of living that aims for peoples well-being.

We must be able to feel like an integrated part of the environment that we pass through day after day. Because the style of our homes enhances the quality of our lives.

To furnish means interpreting and understanding even the hidden lines. The ceramic floors and wall coverings by Panaria and the praise it is showered with for the living space and other are not just decorative.

This result is a property that is in constant generated motion. The technological innovations represent Panaria's key to reaching new goals in ceramic production and its respect to the environment.

From these convictions, Panaria creates products that can be distinguished for their quality, refinement and originality. In perfect harmony between the aesthetic values in fashion, style, design and functionality. The range of products Panaria combines the ancient ceramic art with the latest trends and offer a specific solution for every type of application, from large commercial surfaces to floors and to residential wall coverings.

Panaria bathroom tiles and wall tiles are available exclusively at Bathroom Design in Malta.

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