Stile Pavimenti Legno S.p.a. (a wooden flooring company) was born in 1965 out of a passion and devotion to lumber.

In fact the Onofri and Colcelli family have been working for years in the green hills of the Umbrian Tuscan mountains. These two families, the founders of Stile, have been working in the field of lumber.

They started out by supplying firewood in the late 19th century and then became manufacturers of rail road sleepers until the mid 20th century.

In the mid-sixties, they came to a turning point: this was the beginning of a company which manufactures mosaic wood floors: the S.Ti.Le Società Tiberina Legnami, now Stile Pavimenti Legno Spa.

Today Stile is a well-known brand in Italy and all around the world Stile is synonymous with quality and elegance.

The continued use of more and more advanced and newer technology, together with their care and experience in selecting the most valuable wood species from all over the world, allow them to be a leading brand name in the wood flooring market. Stile has a wide range of products available in all formats, from solid wood floors (with Tradizionali, Big and Stilfree lines) to multilayer floors (with Stilnovo and Legend lines), from wood designs and decorations (Tradizionali line and Hermitage line realized with laser cut) to flooring for outdoor settings.

The tradition and the endless evolution, due to great investments in technology and automation, allow Stile to use the most efficient and modern manufacturing implants for double layer flooring production.

In particular, the Stilnovo line represents this desire, to continue to search for perfection in the finishing and quality of the material, in order to face with head-held-high, challenges issued by global market asset, which are always more difficult and competitive, but where the brand and the reliance of the “made in Italy”always has a unique value.

Stile parquet tiles are available exclusively at Bathroom Design in Malta.

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