Valmori Ceramica Design

The project “Valmori Ceramica Design” is a reality brought to life thanks to years of experience on the field that have permitted its creator, Denis Valmori, to become a fine connoisseur of materials, techniques, forms and methods of realisation, in brief, all of that knowledge, strictly necessary for creation of ceramic tiles; where ceramics is intended not only “as itself”; but as an element that through its beauty, claims the right to be at the centre of the scene.

The art of ceramics, artisan and traditional, viewed in a contemporary light of design and adapted to suit the needs of our times. Where only single detail is attended to, bordering to obsession, to meet our goal: “these tiles will change your life”.

A modus operandi and a visible philosophy, practical and theoretic, that merges perfectly with the project“Valmori Ceramica Design”: reading ceramics in a new way and promoting it essential element of the aesthetics of the home.

Valmori tiles are available at Bathroom Design in Malta.

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